Sky Simulation

Eclipse Orchestrator version 3.2 adds sky simulations to both the Free and Pro versions, including not only the positions of stars and planets, but also a simulation of the effect of the Moon's shadow on the atmosphere. In the samples below, from left to right are second contact, maximum eclipse, and third contact.

The sky is modelled using zero and first order Rayleigh and Mie scattering of Sunlight off air and aerosols. For each pixel, a ray is shot upwards into the atmosphere, and every 1km along that vector the eclipse obscuration, sky transparency and scattering is calculated. Multiple scattering (Sun to particle to particle to observer) is not included in the model, so the central region of the shadow appears darker than it will be in reality. The colors are real, and come as a natural consequence of the atmospheric model used.

The Sun is shown at the bottom so as to make the view as it would be when facing the Sun. Each image is clickable for a higher resolution version.



Easter Island

El Calafate

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